About The Project

Community Council Call for Nominations

The Blue Horizons Project Community Council is part technical advice and part community listening & engagement. The BHP is supported by an active committee of technical experts. To attain the 2042 goal action will need to be taken across all of Asheville and Buncombe County. For the BHP Community Council to be successful we need voices from all community members who use energy and will benefit from a cleaner and possibly cheaper energy future. We need your voice and your input to make sure all community members are represented in this planning and implementation process.

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Setting the course for clean energy

The Blue Horizons Project was formed through the former Energy Innovation Task Force (EITF), a working group convened in April 2016 by the City of Asheville, Buncombe County, and Duke Energy. The EITF had two primary goals:

In the long term, transition the Duke Energy Progress – West Region to a cleaner, affordable, and smarter energy future, rooted in community engagement and collaboration.

In the short term, avoid or delay the construction of a 190-MW natural gas peaker plant planned for 2023. That peaker plant has since been moved off of Duke Energy Progress's 15-year planning horizon. 

The Blue Horizons Project was conceived to help achieve these goals by promoting energy efficiency and renewable throughout the region. Its role is to enlist public support and provide easy access to resources that allow everyone to be a part of creating a clean energy future.

How you can help

The success of the Blue Horizons Project depends on the support and participation of the people and businesses of Buncombe County. We ask that you adopt energy efficiency as normal in your home, promote it in your workplace and donate and volunteer with organizations that help others do the same.