Electrify Asheville-Buncombe to help Homeowners Go Electric

A day nearly never goes by that you don’t hear something about the threat posed by climate change or new technologies to counter it.

Globally, nationally and locally, governments, companies and businesses are regularly rolling out solutions – small, large and otherwise – to try to help meet this challenge.

Here where we live, ambitious clean-energy goals were made by the City of Asheville and Buncombe County to focus on a community-wide objective of achieving complete clean energy reliance by 2042.

Individually, some of us are already taking tangible steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Choosing to buy and drive EVs. Going solar. Changing certain travel habits or energy use patterns. So what else is possible for individuals to do – sooner rather than later?

heat pump and Kelvin

One place to start is the “Electrify Everything” movement. Its basis is the global need to limit or prevent the burning of fossil fuels. It means that there are things we can do in our households – or our multi-family buildings or our businesses – to move away from activities or appliances that subtly contribute to climate change.

Because electric devices are typically more efficient than ones that burn fossil fuels, boosting ways to further electrify our residences is a good way to help dent the problem right in our own backyard.

In our homes, there are good electric options to replace most gas appliances. Electric heat pumps for example, are a super-efficient type of two-way air-conditioning that cools during the summer and heats in the winter.

Among state, county and city governments, there are a few fast-emerging efforts to help citizens navigate this climate-solution maze. As federal and state financial incentives are available it’s not always simple to take advantage of what’s essentially a “discount coupon” that goes unredeemed unless you act.

Fortunately, Asheville-Buncombe is pioneering an initiative as a program of the Blue Horizons Project to help homeowners navigate converting their HVAC and other household systems to electric, and take advantage of the federal and state financial incentives that are currently available or will soon be available.


Electrify Asheville-Buncombe County is a pilot program now in the early stages of development. It will focus first on home energy efficiency and electrification, particularly air-source heat pumps. Once ready for public participation, it aims to help community members learn about the benefits of heat pumps as part of their journey toward lowering household energy costs. All while taking climate-positive actions within Asheville-Buncombe County.


As part of this effort, a one-of-a-kind online marketplace for local consumers is being created. This unique “electrify” marketplace will make it easy to increase your homeowner knowledge, identify a participating area contractor and access new financial incentives and rebates — all to help greatly reduce your utility costs and your ongoing household energy spending.

Key Features of the Electrify ABC Program:

  • Home Electrification Solutions: Explore the benefits of electrified systems, including heat pumps, ducted and non-ducted systems, and heat pump hot water heaters. These technologies offer efficient and eco-friendly alternatives for a more sustainable home.
  • Energy Audits: Expert professionals will conduct personalized home energy audits, providing insights into your energy consumption and recommending tailored upgrades to optimize efficiency.
  • Bulk Purchase Discounts: Take advantage of exclusive opportunities for bulk purchase discounts, making it easier for you to electrify your home and contribute to a cleaner, greener community.
  • Local Collaboration: Benefit from the collaborative efforts of the City of Asheville, Buncombe County, the Blue Horizons Project, and North Carolina's new Green Bank, and vetted local HVAC installers ensuring a smooth and locally supported transition to electrified systems.

Why Electrify? 

Electrify ABC is not just about adopting cutting-edge technologies—it's about making a lasting impact on our environment. By choosing electrified systems, you actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions, creating a resilient community, and pioneering a sustainable future.

As Rewiring America – an advocacy organization for electrification – says, “Once you electrify:

  • your home will be more comfortable,
  • your indoor and outdoor air quality will be healthier,
  • your monthly bills will be lower.

Importantly, the pilot is also intended to support our local HVAC and electrical contractor community by providing clear pathways to federal incentives and innovative financing options. In turn, this should surface a whole new segment of customers who want to go this direction but could not necessarily afford it – or know where best to turn.

We invite you to be part of this exciting initiative towards a cleaner, greener home. 

Learn more about Electrify Asheville-Buncombe here.