For Business

Energy Saving Solutions For Your Business

Several organizations have partnered with the Blue Horizons Project and have programs designed to help your home or business become more energy efficient and contribute to efforts to control our area’s energy demand

Lower peak demand and earn rewards

Duke Energy's EnergyWise program for businesses provides free equipment, free installation, and annual bill credits. This is the #1 way your business can help reduce peak demand.

Free Commercial Energy Audits

Land of Sky Waste Reduction Partners helps organizations improve environmental and energy management through efficiency techniques that save money. The WRP team conducts free on-site assessments and provides consulting services to businesses and public facilities throughout North Carolina.

Get big rebates for making your business more efficient

The Small Business Energy Saver program pays up to 80% of your costs to make energy efficiency improvements to your business. On average, 60% of project costs are covered through this program.

Get rebates for solar energy

A solar energy system can save you big money on your energy bill while it lowers overall demand in our area, and substantial installation rebates and other incentives are available. Even if you can’t install a system at your home or business, there are still ways to show your support for renewable energy.

Help your neighbors

Your donation of time or money can help low-income community members make their homes more energy efficient. Discover how you can put your resources to work.

Tips and strategies to save

If everyone takes a few small energy-saving steps, it could make a big difference in overall energy demand – and might just lower your energy bill.