Volunteer Opportunity: Canvassing Shifts to Help Asheville Homes Save Energy

May 24, 2018 | Posted In:

You might remember that a few years ago, the Asheville Beyond Coal campaign won the scheduled closure of Asheville’s coal-burning power plant by 2020, and got Duke Energy to commit to delaying or avoiding a new fossil fuel-powered peaker plant in Asheville. But we’ll only avoid the plant if we reduce our region’s energy demand.

The crazy part is, this proposed peaker plant would be built just to meet Buncombe County’s peak energy needs in the coldest weeks of winter. We know we can meet these demands with greater energy efficiency and by moving toward a clean energy future.

This is where you come in – Duke Energy has brought their Neighborhood Energy Saver program to Asheville; this program provides free walkthrough energy assessments to help low-income homes lower their energy bills and reduce energy demand in Buncombe County. It even gives each home up to 16 free energy-saving devices like LED light bulbs, water-saving shower heads and air-conditioning system filters. This program is one step toward our cleaner energy future, but people can’t benefit if they don’t know of it.

Will you help Asheville’s homes save energy and avoid the construction of a fossil fuel-burning peaker plant in Asheville?

We have short canvassing shifts in Deaverview (West Asheville) open for the next three weeks, and we can’t make this happen without volunteer support. You can find a shift that fits your schedule here, and contact canvassing coordinator Anna Shugoll if you have any questions at [email protected].

Thanks in advance for your support!