Energy Upgrades for Income-Qualified Households

Buncombe County has resources that can help

While there are many no- and low-cost things you can do to lower your energy use, some can be costly. Here are some local organizations and programs that may be able to help you make some energy-saving home improvements.

Community Action Opportunities – Weatherization

This organization administers North Carolina’s Weatherization Assistance Program for Buncombe County. Both renters and homeowners can qualify to receive no-cost energy efficiency services, including system assessments and the materials and labor to improve your home’s air sealing, insulation, bathroom fans and smoke alarms.

For more information and to download an application, visit the Community Action Opportunities website or call 828-252-2495.

Help is also available from the Buncombe County Council on Aging at 828-277-8288.

Energy Savers Network

The Energy Savers Network is a local nonprofit organization. Through a network of volunteers, it provides no-cost energy efficiency upgrades for low-income families.

For more information or to request services, visit the Energy Savers Network website or call 828-656-3649.

Neighborhood Energy Saver Program

Available in the Deaverview community Spring 2018, this Duke Energy service offers free home energy assessments to help you learn how your household uses energy and how to lower the amount you use. Qualifying residents will receive up to 16 energy-saving products installed at no cost. These can include energy-efficient light bulbs, water-saving showerheads and faucet aerators and heating system filters.

For more information, visit the Neighborhood Energy Saver web page.

Southeast Sustainable Communities Fund (SSCF)

Buncombe County and the City of Asheville applied for and received approval of a grant from the Southeast Sustainable Communities Fund (SSCF). The $300,000 grant will be used to expand access to weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades for households with low income.

Details on how these funds will be administered and distributed throughout the City and County will be available soon and posted here. For more information on the grant funding, visit the Southeast Sustainability Directors Network.