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Home Energy Chats is a free, unbiased home energy consultation service. We provide resources to help you make the best energy-saving decisions for your home. Blue Horizons Project's work is supported by the City of Asheville and Buncombe County to assist area residents save money on their energy bills, reduce fossil fuel use, and transition to renewable energy. We are not here to sell you anything and we receive no commissions or other compensation for this service. Our sole purpose is to provide the best information we can to help you make the decisions that are right for your home and your budget. Let’s chat about your energy needs!

Topics we can offer expertise and advice on include hot water heaters, HVAC, weatherization, solar energy, and information on how to best prioritize home energy projects based on your budget and preferences.

*Please note: this is not a home energy audit - it's a conversation where we discuss your energy needs and questions, and then provide follow-up information and local resources to help you save energy or adopt solar! For a professional home energy audit and subsequent services, please see our resources here - about 2/3 down the page: https://bluehorizonsproject.com/for-home/

It was really helpful to have a comprehensive discussion about home energy use. Talking about the whole picture was invaluable. - Havely Carsky, Home Energy Chats client.

I met with Blue Horizons Project to discuss home energy efficiency and the replacement of my HVAC system and dealing with a defunct oil tank. We had a relaxed and informative meeting. The BHP team is clear, courteous, thorough, and informed. Their entire focus is on giving assistance in service of creating a greener world for all, and they offer it in the context of what works for the homeowner's lifestyle & economic considerations. I highly recommend their services! - Deborah Belcher, Home Energy Chats Client

Blue Horizons Project Home Energy Chats Program is a free, one-stop-shop for home efficiency information in Asheville. Access to this personalized service saved me hours of research time and effortlessly raised my new home's energy rating at little to no extra cost. - G. Case, Home Energy Chats Client